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HTML hit counter - Governors Resort is located in the remote forest right on the Nepisiguit River. The stretch of river is about __100__ kms long with the head watersfish being at Nictau & Bathurst Lakes then eventually dumps into the Bay of Chaleur, near Bathurst,New Brunswick Canada.

Nictau and Bathurst Lakes which are located about _40__ km up river from Governors and are in a provincial park and now one of 10 designated natural protected areas in the province of New Brunswick,. The lakes and stretch of river to our resort are open for fishing for speckled brook trout. The stretch from our resort down river about _60_ km is the most pristine part of the river and hosts several large pools, anglers must apply for a permit to fish the Crown reserve waters but also have much open water offering world class angling. The remainder of river to the Village of Grand Falls is open also with deep water pools housing trophy fish up tofishing as large as 6 to 7 pounds.

From the Village of Grand Falls which houses a larger power dam down to the mouth of the Bay of Chaleur is home to sea trout and Atlantic salmon.The Department of Natural Resources estimates up to _5000__ salmon return to the river every year to spawn but can only get up as far as the gorge because of the 100 foot dam. Efforts were made to build a ladder to get the salmon further up river to the lakes but this stretch of river is very unique and one of very few true speckled trout rivers in North America and it was decided to be left as Mother Nature intended it to be.

The river which ends at the Bay of Chaleur in Bathurst which is only 1 hour drive from our resort has also unique water fishing and shell fish such as lobster, shrimp, crab and scallops which are considered as some of the best shell fish in the world.

Trout season opens May 1st until the 15th of September. And Salmon is opens June 1 st until October 15. Within 1 hour of any direction fishing for Atlantic salmon is a possibility with The Worlds most Famous rivers Restigouche and Miramichi and all their tributaries offering the serious angler awesome possibilities We encourage all our guests to practice catch and release as this ensures the viability of our resources.