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Awesome April sledding!  (04/11/2014)

Beautiful sunny day here at Popple and there was a bit of traffic through and all riders were saying its awesome going in every direction they traveled and there's still a pile of snow. Groomer had left Nepisiquit area last night early evening and headed west to the upriver area on trail 23. Came through the yard around three am and at some point had went for a burn up over TV Tower then headed back for Nepsiquite before trails started to soften up from the mornings sun. The last few days the warmer weather is starting to eat away the snow especially in open and unpacked areas but not near as much off the snow packed trail, and for the most part still has over a three foot base here in the upriver area. Should be a decent weekend to get out for a rip and don't forget next weekends last bash the "Popple Shuffle"