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Wow, 17 degrees here at Popple  (04/14/2014)

We'll was a day I was wishing that I had a sled up here! Awesome day to be out running off country and exploring as the temperature hit around 17 degrees here at Popple. Not to much traffic through today, actually only eight sleds. Four of them came from over Serpintine way and two from Balmoral and the others came up from Nepisiquit and all said she's still wicket going in every direction and not a washout or patch of dirt to be found. Nepisiquit sent both groomers out last night and polished the lower part of the system and everything up in the upper reaches really couldn't be groomed any flatter. Was a crazy busy day Saturday with riders coming from all over the Maritime Provences to get out for some wicket riding here on Nepisiquits system and for some to get that last kick at the can before April 15th. But with the amount of snow we still have in our region and as great as the trails still are a lot said that they were coming back to get another weekend run in and take part of some of the festivities here at Governors for our annual Popple Shuffle