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Thanks!  (04/22/2014)

Beautiful day here at Popple, around 8 degrees and sunny. Weekend traffic was pretty heavy on Friday and not to bad for Saturday but the forcast may have keep a few away as it did rain later in the afternoon and at times heavy. Had a wicket time Saturday night for the shuffle and want to say thanks to the members of Certified and Wild Pitch that came out to play and put on a great show for those that attended,...awesome jam late into the evening. Thanks guys!! Much appreciated!! We'll one would think that's it's over but far from it out here,...we'll at least not for the die hard sledder. Camps are near booked up for the hole week with riders up from NS and Moncton and full for this coming weekend. Still lots of snow in the Golden triangle, flat and really good going and some boys are taking advantage of the late spring ridding We'll this will be the last post for the season and want to thank all patrons for there support. Myself, Chris, Brooke and Tim are looking forward to seeing you next year. And for all of you south of me I hope you don't get any snow! ; )