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Governors is pleased to offer you some of the highest quality and exciting four seasonal experiences in Atlantic Canada. We have one of the finest handcrafted log resorts in the Maritimes with two luxury log cabins for accommodations in the heart of New Brunswicks wilderness.

We look forward to sharing our region with you. From the beautiful autumn colours, renowned snowfall and exceptional snowmobile trail systems, to neighboring Mount Carleton Provincial Park and the newly designated natural protected area that fronts at the door of our resort. Bathurst and surrounding areas are also known for the abundant population of moose, deer, black bear, trout and Atlantic salmon.

Governors Resort invites you to join us at our resort and share what our region has to offer. Here at Governors Resort we take pride in our resort, the beautiful natural surroundings and wildlife. We look forward to seeing you and experiencing our exceptional year round outdoor activities.

At Governors Resort we pride ourselves in offering our clients a world class outdoor experience. Our remote location is 60 miles from the closest home, you are in the heart of the Canadian wilderness and we know the importance of the essentials to our clients; provide a unique experience and offer relaxing comfortable accommodations.


Beautiful Nature

Canoe & Kayaking

Governors Wilderness Resort is nestled in the valley at Popple Depot on the Nepisiguit River. There are several ideal canoeing adventures, whether for wildlife and scenic viewing, fishing and/or interpretation of our region's cultural heritage and history. We are situated at the start of one of the most popular canoe runs from Popple Depot to Indian Falls or at the end of a two day canoe trip from the lakes at Mount Carleton Park. With our regions untouched natural beauty and wildlife were sure your canoe or kayaking adventure will be a memorable one.

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Nature, Culture and Wildlife

Governors Wilderness Resort is recognized for exceptional outdoor experiences and the breath-taking beauty that Mother Nature has to offer. This is a place to unwind and relax, enjoy nature and be inspired by the history, beauty and wildlife.

We take pride in introducing you to our surroundings. Our beautiful handcrafted log resort is located right on the Nepisiguit River in a remote forested wilderness area in the heart of northern New Brunswick. Because of our four seasons, the fall with autumn color and over 400 cm of snow in the winter and hot summers we are blessed with extreme rich beauty in New Brunswick. We invite you to come join us and take part in our many activities and adventures that our region has to offer and make your stay with us a memorable and enjoyable one.

In the fall when the leaves start to change, the robust colors that blanket the terrain through the valleys and mountain range are a beautiful sight. This is one season in New Brunswick which is very popular with travelers as they venture up here to see the show. Also in the fall we see the start of wild Canadian geese making their long journey down south for the winter months along with an abundance of other bird species, moose, white tail deer and black bears that can be seen in our area in all four seasons. At Pabineau Falls, hundreds of Atlantic salmon can be seen idle in pools or soaring through the air trying to get further up river, truly a breathtaking sight.

Opportunities for canoeing, kayaking and hiking are boundless and Governors Resort is at the doorstep of a designated natural protected area and Mount Carleton Provincial Park. Mount Carleton is the highest peak in the Maritime Provinces and is renowned for its spectacular scenery, history and wildlife, making it a perfect destination for hikers and nature lovers. This is truly a tranquil place, with plenty of history from years ago when wealthy mean from the United States traveled here in the late 1800s and early 1900s to hunt big game such as moose and caribou that used to roam our land. This same land used to be home to thousands of men who come in the winter and stayed in logging camps built by the wood companies for the harvesting of our wood resources. These loggers would cut and pile the wood along the banks of the Nepisiguit River and in the Spring when the snow and rivers melted there would be a log drive down the river to the mouth of the Bay of Chaleur where the Bathurst Paper Mill was located.

Whether you Visit Governors for nature viewing, relaxation, day excursions or taking part in our many other activities we invite you to come join us and take part in an experience will never forget. As Governors Resort continues to grow we are hoping to provide our customers with more adventures, excursions and lodging, making your stay with us a most pleasurable one.


Governors Resort is located in the remote forest right on the Nepisiguit River. The stretch of river is about 100 kms long with the head waters being at Nictau & Bathurst Lakes then eventually dumps into the Bay of Chaleur, near Bathurst,New Brunswick Canada.

Nictau and Bathurst Lakes which are located about 40 km up river from Governors and are in a provincial park and now one of 10 designated natural protected areas in the province of New Brunswick,. The lakes and stretch of river to our resort are open for fishing for speckled brook trout. The stretch from our resort down river about 60 km is the most pristine part of the river and hosts several large pools, anglers must apply for a permit to fish the Crown Reserve waters but also have much open water offering world class angling. The remainder of river to the village of Grand Falls is open also with deep water pools housing trophy fish up to as large as 6 to 7 pounds.

From the village of Grand Falls which houses a larger power dam down to the mouth of the Bay of Chaleur is home to sea trout and Atlantic salmon.The Department of Natural Resources estimates up to 5000 salmon return to the river every year to spawn but can only get up as far as the gorge because of the 100 foot dam. Efforts were made to build a ladder to get the salmon further up river to the lakes but this stretch of river is very unique and one of very few true speckled trout rivers in North America and it was decided to be left as Mother Nature intended it to be.

The river which ends at the Bay of Chaleur in Bathurst which is only a 1 hour drive from our resort has also unique water fishing and shell fish such as lobster, shrimp, crab and scallops which are considered as some of the best shell fish in the world.

Trout season opens May 1st until the 15th of September. And Salmon is open from June 1st until October 15. Within 1 hour of any direction fishing for Atlantic salmon is a possibility with The Worlds most Famous rivers Restigouche and Miramichi and all their tributaries offering the serious angler awesome possibilities We encourage all our guests to practice catch and release as this ensures the viability of our resources.


Come find some: "White Gold"

The world's finest snowmobiling ,Bathurst New Brunswick is the snowmobile capital of Canada and home to an average snowfall of 400 cm per winter. It is also host to the Can Am Winter Nationals in March and is renowned across North America for its sea level ice surface as being the fastest ice for racing on the planet.

Governors Resort has always been an icon to snowmobilers visiting the Nepisiguit region and the provincial government and the skidoo federation has done a good job promoting White Gold and Northern Odyssey as a destination for snowmobile enthusiasts. With over 1000 kms of excellent groomed trails, people travel to our area from all of the Maritime provinces, Quebec, Ontario and New England States. We see time and time again how they return to our area due to the excellent trail system and facilities that have been set up along the way.

Please visit www.bathursttrails.com for information on weather, trail conditions and, general information.


Four beautiful newly renovated 2 bedroom units are now available for rent at Governors Resort. Each unit includes a living room with full bathroom and shower and sleeps a maximum of six.

Rental rates are $50 per person per night with a minimum rate of $100/unit. Call (413) 340-0006 or (506) 545-5413 for reduced rates for groups of four or more or for extended rentals (one week or more)

Corporate Packages

Governors Resort is perfect for your next corporate getaway. Our large facilities can sleep up to 20 persons with 4 star ,comfortable, world class accomadations. Governors Resort is perfect for those government agencies, private sector companies alike to retreat and brainstorm ideas. We have access to the latest technology with sound systems, projection screens (front or rear projection with drapery), projection units (power point), telephone, satelite television and access to the internet. All our technical services are supplied by a professional company located in Bathurst, this means a large discount in expense to the client in rental costs.

www.fergusonaudioproductions.com is our supplier and has all the state of the art equipment to make your corporate event a success. With a reputation of travelling the world working on various projects with The Province of new Brunswick and a multiple of various clients too numerous to mention. Our large main lodge is an open concept design, leaving our clients a vast space to work in, the view outside our windows will leave you inspired and breathless. Imagine, up early for meetings and breakfast, wrap up after lunch and then pick your activity. Hike Canada's Maritimes tallest peak, Mount Carleton provincial park, fishing, canoeing, hiking, four wheeling, the best snowmobiling in the world on the "White Gold". There are no homes for 60 miles in any direction and we boast all the comforts of a first class venue, you will not find a better location for your next corporate retreat.

Working and relaxing at the same time-is it possible? At Governors Resort anything is possible! Click here for more information: info@governorsresort.ca


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